Mass Message Utility

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Send a single message directly from iOffice to every employee at one or more salons, as quickly as possible.

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Sending a Mass Message

  1. From anywhere on iOffice, select the Tools tab in the overhead toolbar, and then select the Mass Message Utility sub-menu within.
  1. Enter your name into the From field, and fill in the Subject field based on what you'd like it to be.
Click the Reset Form button at any time to restart your Mass Message from scratch.
  1. Enter the message you would like to send into the Body field using the Mass Message Utility.
  1. If this is to be a message that all staff members need to read when they clock in, click the Require Reading button to make it required.
  1. Select the locations who will be receiving the mass message by clicking on their name in the list provided at the bottom of the page.
All stores are selected at start by default. Multiples can be selected by holding the ctrl key + left clicking.
  1. Review the message contents and delivery settings for accuracy, and make any changes that are needed. Click the Send Message button to send the mass message on its way.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why is the Mass Message Utility useful?

This tool is meant to be used when a business owner or other iOffice user needs to send an urgent message to a number of salons as quickly as possible. It can also be configured to require staff to read your message the next time they go into the time clock for any reason.


Who individually gets the message being sent?

All positions and all employees, at every salon selected as a recipient!


When will a message I sent be delivered to my salon(s)?

The next time the salon(s) POS uploads, making contact with iOffice to retrieve the data. This happens every 30 minutes automatically, but can be forced by going to the Manager tab on the salon's POS and clicking the Upload button.


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