New Payment Methods

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The following instructions will guide the user on how to create a new, and unique payment method for use with their SuperSalon point-of-sale.

Creating a New Payment Method in SuperSalon

  1. From the Payment Methods submenu, click the "Create New Payment" button, as shown below.
  1. Create a unique code that SuperSalon will use to identify this individual Payment Method. This is the name that will be used for that Payment Method in regards to SuperSalon's reporting metrics.
  1. Using the drop-down provided, select the "Type" designation that best describes this new Payment Method.
  1. Decide on a short description for this new payment method, bearing in mind that this is exactly how it will appear in the payment screen of the checkout process.
  1. If users would like for a text field to appear next to this payment method at final check out, fill in the box underneath the column titled "Include Memo?". If you do not wish to include any kind of memo, move on to Step Eight.
  1. If users  would like for the text field to be mandatory in the checkout process, fill in the checkbox underneath the "Require Memo" column header.
  1. Fill in the check box underneath the "Show Memo on Receipt" column header for the text entered into the Memo field to be displayed on the hard copy receipt.
  1. Click the "Save Payment" button located in the upper right, as shown below.

Video Tutorial: Creating a New Payment Method

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