Discounting a Sale

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Applying a discount to a sale generally takes place during the checkout process. Discounts themselves are configured and added to SuperSalon from the manager menu.

Discounting a sale or line item

  1. Discounts can be applied to an entire ticket, or an individual service or product. This takes place during check out, just before the customer makes their payment.
  1. Once a customer has been serviced and/or made any product selections, click the green arrow on their ticket on the wait/serve screen to send them to check out.
  1. Discounts can be applied in two different ways, depending on how they are configured by salon management.
  • By line item (individual products or services):

Each item on a ticket can be discounted individually (pre-tax), depending on a salon's current offerings and ad campaigns. An example might be a 15% discount on a specific product line for the month of October.

Click on one or more services or products you'd like to add a discount to, and click the discount button on the menu on the left.

More than one product or service can be selected for a line item discount.
  • By subtotal (all items on ticket):

An entire ticket can also be discounted, pre-tax. This also depends on what sort of discounts the salon is offering, and an example might be a 10% discount on a customer's entire purchase over a holiday weekend only.

Click the discount button in the menu on the left before selecting any of the line items. This will show you ONLY subtotal discounts, since you are discounting the entire ticket rather than individual products or services.

Do you have a discount with a bar code? Click the discount button in the menu on the left, and scan it with the salon's bar code reader!
  1. All available discounts will be listed, which you can then select to apply to the ticket, products and/or services. If you don't see the discount you are looking for, check with the salon manager or check the configurations of the discount you are trying to apply.
  1. Quickly review the ticket and the total price to ensure the discount was applied! You will see all discounts that you've applied listed on each line item.
  1. Click the send to payment button in the bottom right hand corner once the customer is ready to make their payment.

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