Creating Gift Certificates

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Locations that would like to run their own promotional gift certificates for marketing or other purposes have access to easy creation tools from the Payment Methods submenu. The following instructions will guide the user on creating a new gift certificate from scratch.

Creating a Custom Gift Certificate in SuperSalon

  1. From the Payment Method submenu, click the "Modify Gift Certificate Types" button.
  1. In the lower part of the interface, underneath the "Add New Type" header, enter the name of the gift certificate that will be used. This unique name will appear in the checkout screen, beneath the "Gift" menu.
  1. If users would like for SuperSalon to generate a unique account number whenever this new gift certificate is created, fill in the checkbox below the "Auto Generate Account Number" column header.
  1. If locations would like for the unique account number for each gift certificate to be static and unchangeable, fill in the checkbox underneath the "Disable Editing Account Number" column header.
  1. Click the "Save Gift Certificate Types" button at the top of the interface to save the unique gift certificate, as shown below. Once created, Gift certificates can be selectable from the checkout screen via the "Gift" button.

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