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SuperSalon's flexibility allows users to create any unique staff position they would like to see for their business, and the Positions submenu is where they are created and edited. The interface displays a roster of all the current timeclock positions. This topic will go into detail on both the submenu and working with positions.

The SuperSalon Positions Submenu

  • New Position: Using this button will generate a form for the user to create a new timeclock position to be used with SuperSalon.
  • Position: This column displays all of the current positions configured for SuperSalon, as they appear in the Time Clock screen.
  • Sub-Position: If there are any sub-positions that exist for the primary position listed on the left, it will be displayed in this column.
  • Code: This is the unique code SuperSalon uses to track the position for the purposes of reporting.
  • Track Production: A "Yes" in this column indicates that SuperSalon is currently tracking the production hours for this position.
  • Hourly Bonus: If there are any hourly bonuses to be accrued by working on the clock with this position, the dollar value will be displayed in this column.

Creating a New Position or Sub-Position

  1. Select the "New Position" button located at the top of the Positions submenu.
  1. Enter the name of the position, as it will appear on the Time Clock screen.
  1. Enter a unique code for the position in the second text field.
  1. Determine whether or not production will be tracked for this new position by choosing yes or no in the drop-down menu.
  1. If an hourly bonus to be given to employees who work this timeclock position, enter the dollar amount of the bonus in this text field.
  1. If this new position is to be a sub-position of an existing one, for which it will reference with the given drop-down menu. If this is a standalone position, move on to step seven.
  1. Review and make sure that all information is correct, then select the "Save" button to lock in the new position. Editing existing Positions is possible by clicking on their row in the submenu. This will generate a form almost identical to the New Position interface which will allow the user to make changes, and save them. Deleting a position is also possible through this display.

Assigning a Position to an Employee

  1. Navigate to the Manager menu > Employees submenu, and select the individual staff member.
  1. Click the "Position" button in the lower left corner of the "General Information" section of their employee profile.
  1. This will display a selection of all of the currently configured Time Clock positions in SuperSalon, click or tap on the desired one to assign it to the employee.
  1. Click or tap on the "Save" button to lock it into place.

Video Tutorial: Creating a New Staff Position

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