Syncing the Item Master

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Extensive list of retail products that has been established for an account or franchise to be made available to individual locations on the account, as necessary.

When syncing the item master, it's recommended to do so on an as-needed basis. Syncing thousands of products into a store can create a bloated and irrelevant inventory, while contributing to longer load times on the POS.

Make sure you've taken a look at the Store Sync Basics article before proceeding! Syncing the wrong store or data can produce unwanted results that can cause confusion or extra work for you or your staff.

Item Master Sync Filters and Options

  • Category: Determines which individual Product Category will be transferred to the receiving salons, with the option of selecting all of them.
  • Brand: Choose which Brands will be included in the synchronization transfer, and also gives users the option of selecting all of them at once.
  • Items: Choose between four in relation to the transfer

All Products in Location

All Products in Item Master

Not in My Store

Out of Sync

Filter to show only products that the shop already has in it's inventory.

Filter to show only products that are found in the Item Master.

Filter to show only products that are not already in a store's inventory.

Filter to show only products that have recently had changes made to them in the Item Master.

The Not In My Store option can add thousands of products to your database, and can cause severe system slowness. We recommend you only add products to your inventory that you carry or plan to carry, not the entire Regis Item Master list (over 20,000 products).
  • Search: Search the Item Master by any keyword, code, or other identifier.
  • Ignore Vendor: Choose whether or not to sync the vendor when performing the Item Master sync.

Synchronizing Salon Item Master

  1. From anywhere on iOffice, select the Store Sync tab in the overhead toolbar, and then select the Item Master sub-menu within.
  1. In the drop down menu provided, select the store you would like to use as the master store in this instance - this is the store you will be copying the Item Master from.
  1. Carefully review the filters and options sub-menu to narrow the Item Master you can sync, as well select a few optional items you'd like include or exclude in the sync. Please see the Item Master Sync Filters and Options section above to learn more about these options.
  1. Click or tap on the "View" button.
  1. Select the individual products that are to be synchronized to the receiving salons, and then click or tap on the "Synchronize Selected Items" button.
  1. Take the time to quickly review the options you've selected to be sure it's exactly how you want it. Click or tap the Synchronize Test button at the bottom of the page. A pop-up menu will then generate, showing any errors that may have been experienced during the test. A more detailed explanation of any errors will be explained in the Synchronize Messages text field.
This is your last chance to review everything and confirm that you've configured the sync just how you want it.
  1. Click or tap on the Synchronize Selected Items button.
  1. You can verify that the sync took place by confirming the changes that were applied in the sync on any of the receiving stores' Item Master list under Manager > Item Master.

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