Tax Collections Report

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Location: Reports > Sales > Tax Collections

Displays tax revenue generated by the salon, and categorize between either product or service sales.

Use Cases by Role

  • Salon Owner: This report can be useful for salon owners who want to know just tax information instead of other sales metrics.
  • Salon Manager: Salon managers can reference this report whenever they want to see how much tax was collected during a specific day.
  • Salon Employee: Stylists and other frontline salon staff may not find much use with this report other than to satisfy curiosity about tax amounts.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Clicking or tapping here will open the interface that allows the user to select the store(s) that will be be used for the report.
  • Enter Date Range: Clicking or tapping into this field will generate a calendar interface for the user to select a single date, or a date range.
  • Generate Report: Clicking or tapping on this button will generate the report based on the other filter criteria.

Metrics Tracked

Store Totals
  • Net Services: The total net revenue generated by the salon for service sales during the time of the report.
  • Net Products: The total net revenue generated by retail product sales.
  • Total Sales: The total net service and net product revenue added together.
Tax Information
  • Total Tax: The total amount of tax revenue deducted from product and service sales.
  • Total Sales + Tax: The combined total of all net revenue and withheld taxes.

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