Paid In/Out Account Codes

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This section of the Payment Methods submenu is where users of SuperSalon can configure official reasons that can account for the movement of revenue into and out of the register, and be separate from the regular sales process.

An example of a paid in event would be for a fundraiser, or other charity drive. No products or services have been sold, no ticket is created, and is seen by SuperSalon's reporting metrics as revenue outside of the sales figures.

An example of a paid out event would be for instances of paying for supplies, or even treats as our visual example shows "morning coffee and donuts" as a description for the example paid out.

Creating a New Paid In/Out Account

  1. From the Payment Methods submenu, click the "Paid in/Out Account Codes" button in the upper section, as shown in the illustrated example.
  1. Click the "Create New Account Code" button.
  1. In the "Code" text field, select a unique code to be used by the system for this paid in/out. This is generally an easily decipherable abbreviation.
  1. In the "Name" text field, input the name that will be used for the account. This name will be available in a drop-down within the "Open Till" menu of the Sales screen.
  1. In the "Description" text field, use a couple word summary for the paid in/out.
  1. The "Account Prefix" drop-down applies to schools and other educational institutions, and may not apply. Setting it to "Admin Account" is generally for private businesses.
  1. Determine whether this new account will be a paid in, or a paid out by filling in the appropriate bubble under the correct column header at the end.
  1. Click the "Save Account Code" button to save it in SuperSalon. It will then be available in the Account Code List, and editing is possible by clicking on it from there.

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