Recovering your iOffice Password

Updated 2 months ago by Aaron Gipson

If you have forgotten your password, the new login experience will allow you to reset it yourself via the Forgot Password flow. This is an easy process that involves a security code being sent to your email account.  

How to Recover your iOffice Password

  1. Go to the iOffice login page, and click the FORGOT PASSWORD button.
  1. Enter your username (not your email address!) into the field provided, and click SEND SECURITY CODE.
  1. The security code will be emailed to the address you have assigned to your iOffice username, which can be copied and pasted from the verification email into the security code entry field.
Please give the email a few moments to send, and check your junk mail inbox if you haven't received the verification code email.
  1. Create a new password for your user, with the following requirements:
  • 8 or more characters
  • 1 or more capital letters
  • 1 or more lower case letters
  • 1 or more numbers
  • 1 or more symbols
  1. Click RESET PASSWORD. Your password will be updated to the new one you entered, and you will immediately regain access to iOffice.

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