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This supplemental enhancement to the SalonCheck in/Mobile App feature is almost guaranteed to drive traffic to participating salons. Our partnership with Google has enabled us to add these salons to its Reserve with Google service. This allows salon clients to search for and locate participating salons, book their visits, and request their services and favorite staff member.

Reserve with Google: At a Glance


  • Broadband Internet connection (High-speed)
  • SuperSalon POS 5.6x, or newer
  • An active SalonCheckin or Mobile App enhancement module

Summary of Benefits:

  • Google Maps integration enables salon customers to find the nearest location to them.
  • All aspects of appointment booking are available from the Reserve with Google interface.
  • Increases online presence and Google ranking just by participating in the program.
  • Also provides an area for reviews, allowing for direct customer feedback.

UI/User Experience Changes:

  • Appointment bookings will have a designation showing they were generated from Google.
  • Users will need to have permission access to the Appointment Book to work with these bookings.

Cost and Setup:

Video Overview: Introduction to Reserve with Google and SalonCheckin

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