Settings Change Utility

Updated 2 months ago by Aaron Gipson

Quickly make sweeping changes to individual settings and customization options in the local SuperSalon POS of any of salon on your account.

The Software Settings available in the upper drop-down menu are dependent on the software versions of the local SuperSalon POS.
  1. From anywhere on iOffice, select the Store Sync tab in the overhead toolbar, and then select the Settings Change Utility sub-menu within.
  1. Under the Setting drop down menu, select which setting you would like to change on one or more locations.
  1. Next, a number of options may be available based on what setting you are making a change to. Make any necessary adjustments here.
See the iOffice Software Settings article to learn more about Software Settings.
  1. Choose which stores you want to make the changes to.
Select more than one store by holding the ctrl key + left clicking each store.
  1. Click the Save Settings Change button to commit the changes which will then be transmitted via the next standard upload from the local SuperSalon POS.

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