Selling and Redeeming Gift Certificates

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Gift certificates not only enhance client loyalty, but they also guarantee profitability in that they are essentially a system where a customer prepays for future products and services, while instantly giving revenue to the location.  This topic will provide its step-by-step instructions on how to sell and to redeem a gift certificate in the SuperSalon.  

For information on how gift certificates are created in the system, refer to the Creating Gift Certificates topic in the Knowledge Base.

To Sell a Gift Certificate

  1. Move a Quick Sale or New Ticket to the Checkout screen, with or without any additional items.
  1. Select the "Gifts" button in the radial menu on the left.
  1. Select the "Gift Certificate" button.
  1. A pop up will appear, prompting the user to input the information needed to process the new gift certificate. Depending on how the gift was setup, the "Account #" may or may not automatically generate.
  1. After inputting the dollar amount, and other needed information, click or tap on the "Continue" button.
  1. The system will then prompt the user to create the new gift certificate account. Click or tapping on the "Yes" check mark will save the account, and add it to the ticket.
  1. The client can then pay for the ticket with their desired payment method as normal and the new gift certificate will be ready for use with SuperSalon.

Redeeming Gift Certificates

  1. When a client comes to the location with a gift certificate, create a ticket for their product or service as normal, and send it to the Payment Screen.
  1. In the Payment Screen, select the "Gift" payment method, or however the gift certificates are referred to during their setup.
  1. A popup will appear, prompting the user to enter the account number of the gift certificate.
  1. Enter the account number, then click or tap on the "Search" button to retrieve it.
  1. The retrieved gift certificate information will contain the balance available, and will auto full the "Amount" text field. Click or tap on the "Use Account" button to proceed.
  1. The payment amount will then be added to the ticket, and the system will inform the user of the remaining balance in the text message below.
  2. Click or tap on the "Ring Out" button to complete the sale.

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