Creating Package Sales

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Packages allow you to bundle multiple items (services or products) as one bundled offering. Using packages allows you to properly record record the sale of all the component items, and properly allocate sales dollars and discounts across the component items.

Creating the Package Sale

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Manager menu, and then the "Packages" submenu, listed alphabetically on the left.
  1. Enter the name and price for the new package in the upper two text fields, and then click or tap on the "Add Package" button in the center.
  1. The new package will then appear on the roster. Click or tap on the Edit button to begin adding items.
  1. Using the interface, search for the Products and/or Services you would like to add to the package.
  1. Click or tap on the "Add" icon to add each item to the package, one by one.
  1. If needed, enter an Override Time, in minutes, to compensate for expected time for multiple services.
  1. Enter the "Valid From" and "Valid Upto" dates using the standard mm/dd/yyyy format.
  1. Click or tap on the "Save" button to save the Package and all of its details.

Video Tutorial: Create a New Package Sale

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