Tuition Payment Report

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Location: Reports > School > Tuition Payment

The Tuition Payment Report is dedicated to keeping track of tuition payments made by students at a beauty school.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Select the store that will be be used for the report.
  • Select Date: Select the date or range of dates to run the report for.
  • Generate Report: Click here to generate the report.

Metrics Tracked

  • Number: Auto-generated chronologically ordered tuition payment number.
  • Type: Tuition type, as set during the tuition payment process. Tuition payment types are configured in SuperSalon via Setup -> Software Settings -> School Settings -> Tuition Settings.
  • Course Code: The code for the course the student is enrolled in.
  • Student: First and last name of the student who made the tuition payment.
  • Student ID: Student ID number, as assigned via the Employee Number field on a student's profile.
  • Invoice No: Auto-generated chronologically ordered invoice number for the tuition payment.
  • Date: The date that the tuition payment was made.
  • Amount: The total amount paid by the student for a given tuition payment.

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