Adjusting Product Counts

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Adjustments to standing product counts can happen for several reasons. SuperSalon allows users to configure and store up to 10 unique reasons for product adjustments to take place. These can be viewed and edited in the software settings located in the Setup menu > Software Settings > System > Inventory > Adjustment Reasons text fields.

Adjusting Products In and Out of Inventory

  1. In the Inventory Manager, search for the Product that is to be adjusted by either scanning its UPC code, entering the product code into the text field, or using the "Product Select" button to drill down to the specific item.
  1. With the correct item selected, review the information that populates, and click or tap on the "Adjust In", or "Adjust Out" button.
  1. Select the reason for the adjustment by filling in the bubble next to the correct description.
  1. Enter the amount of items that are to be adjusted in or out of the inventory by using the "Qty" text field. Ignore the "Cost" field.
  1. Update the product with the "Update Product" button, or hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

Video Tutorial: Adjusting Product Counts

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