Customer Searches

Updated 1 year ago by Kory Lamme

SuperSalon's customer database is very robust, and stores an enormous amount of information for each client. This information can further be researched and edited when needed by retrieving the client's profile directly from the database. The instructions here will guide users on how to search for, and retrieve, a customer's profile.

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Manager menu by either the upper tab, or NAV button.
  1. Click or tap on the "Customers" submenu.
  1. In the "Customer Search:" field, enter any of the following pieces of information to perform the search:
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Combination of Any of the Above
  1. Search results will auto populate as information is entered. Click or tap on the correct customer to retrieve their profile.

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