Factor4 Gift Cards

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Factor4 is a fully integrated gift card processor, giving your salon the ability to sell and process gift cards directly through SuperSalon, similar to taking a credit card payment.

  • Dedicated reporting is available, and data is also included in most important sales reports.
  • SuperSalon has a built in balance check tool, for quickly verifying available funds on a customer's gift card.

To get set up with an account, contact our Factor4 representative to get started and follow the directions below.

Factor4 Contact Information

Setting up Factor4 Gift Cards

  1. Go to Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Gift.
  1. At the top of the page under Gift Processor, select Factor 4.
  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and enter the Factor 4 processing information you were provided with by Factor4's implementations team. This includes:
  • Client ID
  • Location ID
  • Terminal ID
  • Integration Authentication
  • Integration Password
  1. Once you are sure the information entered is correct, save the page and press the f5 key on the keyboard.

Issuing a New Factor4 Gift Card

Gift cards can be sold to a new customer through a new ticket or quick sale, via the checkout screen.

Learn more about the checkout process in SuperSalon.
  1. From the checkout screen, click the Gift button in the menu on the left, and then select Gift Card from the available options.
  1. Scan the gift card with a bar code reader, or enter the card number manually with the keyboard.
  1. Enter the amount in dollars being issued to the gift card, and press the confirm button - you will then be prompted to confirm again, before SuperSalon attempts to contact Factor4's servers.
  1. After confirming, SuperSalon will make contact with Factor4's servers to assign the issued balance to the gift card - this may take a few seconds to complete.
  1. Once contact has been main, SuperSalon will recognize that the gift card is available and give you another chance to verify the total being added to the gift card. Press the confirm button, and once again do a second confirmation.
  1. When the issuing window disappears and the gift card is listed as an item on the ticket, you know that the factor4 gift card has had funds allocated to it.
  1. Send the ticket to the payment screen whenever the customer is ready to pay, and be sure to give them their gift card once they've completed their payment!
  • Factor 4 gift cards can be purchased with any payment type.
  • When a ticket that has a Factor 4 gift card on it is voided, the funds added to the gift card account will also be removed!

Redeeming an Existing Factor4 Gift Card

Factor4 gift cards are accepted by SuperSalon in a similar fashion to credit card payments.

  1. On the payment screen, select Gift Card as the payment type.
  1. Scan the customer's gift card with a bar code reader, or enter the number manually into the provided field.
Partial payments can be taken by simply entering the desired amount, and completing the rest of the payment with another payment type or even another gift card.
  1. SuperSalon will make contact with Factor4's servers to verify that the necessary funds are available, and apply the payment to the ticket.
  1. You'll know the payment was accepted when the payment is applied to the ticket, and is listed as a payment on the payment receipt menu on the right.
If the customer's gift card doesn't have the necessary funds to pay for the ticket, you will see the following message and SuperSalon will automatically enter the available balance so you can apply it to the ticket.

Checking the Balance of a Factor4 Gift Card

  1. From the wait / serve screen click the More menu in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, and then click the Gift Card Balance button within.
  1. Scan or enter the gift card number and click the Check Balance button.
  1. SuperSalon will make contact with Factor4's server to find the available balance, and provide it to you on screen.

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