Centralized Customer Database (CCD)

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SuperSalon offers the ability to create a Central Customer Database (also referred to as World Customer Database, or CCD) groups that share customer data between your salons. Customer records existing at locations within the group are automatically synced to new location when a customer visits for the first time.

The Centralized Customer Database: At a Glance

Summary of Benefits:

  • Synchronize and access customer data between grouped salons.
  • View previous service notes and chemical cards, allowing for a higher level of customer service.
  • Loyalty points and Customer points move with your customer, making loyalty programs function across multiple locations.
  • View your customers previous history, know what services and products your customer is seeking in advance.


  • Broadband Internet connection (High-speed)
  • SuperSalon POS 5.6.x
  • SuperSalon Central Customer Database enabled

Synchronized Data:

  • Name, address and contact information
  • Service notes and chemical cards
  • Loyalty points and customer points
  • Prior visit history (but not transactional data)

Cost and Setup:

  • Contact ProPoint Sales Representative at 888-458-1001 Ext-3, or [email protected]
  • After the CCD is activated for the account, follow the steps in the next section to enable the feature at the store level.

Enabling the Central Customer Database

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, select the Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Centralized Customer Data interface.
  1. Enable the “Show World Search“ button by toggling the green check mark.
  1. Activate “Enable Auto-Update During Customer Selection” with the green check mark.
  1. Select “Save” in the lower right corner.

Using the Centralized Customer Database

Creating a New Customer

When a new customer is created and saved, the customer’s data is sent to the CCD (World Customer Database) and a unique customer ID is created for that customer. That ID is then sent back down to the salon and stored in the customer table.

Accessing a Customer

When a customer is accessed either through the customer pop-up or the Manager > Customer tab, a request is sent to the server to gather the latest information for that customer if they have an CCD ID. If no CCD ID exists for that customer it does not query for this information.

If any new updates to the customer information is found it syncs the data down to the salon and the new synced information will be displayed to the user.

Modifying a Current Customer

When a current customer’s information is updated and saved the new information is sent to the CCD. If the customer has a CCD ID already then the record on the CCD that matches it is updated.

If the customer does not have a CCD ID, a new customer record is created on the CCD and follows the rules of scenario 2 for creating a new customer.

Using or Generating Customer Points

Whenever a transaction with customer points associated with it is created or if customer points are modified on the Manager > Customers sub-menu, the customer point records are sent to the CCD.

The customer points are associated with the customer’s CCD ID and the CCD will contain a history of all modifications to the customer points across all salons.

The Merge / Purge Wizard Screen Flow

  1. During customer lookup, SuperSalon will show all records that match, according to auto detection rules. Each record will have icons designating if they are on the central server, the local database OR both. Simply clicking a record will sync it so it is on both databases.
  1. Notice that if “Dennis” is selected, SuperSalon automatically syncs databases so the record is on local DB and server. Loyalty is represented by 1-5 stars.
  1. Pressing the Merge button, takes the user to Step 1 of the Merge Wizard. User selects duplicates.
  1. Pressing the Next button takes the user to Step 2 of the Merge Wizard. User selects "Master".
  1. Pressing the Next button takes the user to Step 3 of the Merge Wizard. User validates that record is correct, and can retain information from any record being merged in. The validation screen allows user to select the best data for any field to ensure the most relevant merge data is retained. The system will always retain emails that were used for registering accounts such as mobile apps and saloncheckin.com.

The Auto Detect Duplicate Customer Records Option Explained

  1. Click “Add New Customer”.
  1. User enters customer information and clicks Save (or Save and Use).
  1. SuperSalon displays duplicate customers, based on criteria such as first name, last name, or phone numbers. Symbols indicate if the customer is on the local database or central database. If the user identifies the customer, he can select the record (and edit if needed), then select Save (or Save and Use). The system will then create a ticket, avoiding duplicate customer entry.

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