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Sometimes a busy salon may find themselves wanting to keep an orderly appointments book, while also maintaining a healthy flow of walk in and call ahead customers. SuperSalon can accommodate this, as well as allow you to turn an appointment into a ticket on the wait/serve screen.

Produced directly from valuable user feedback and suggestions from you, the following settings will allow you to turn a scheduled appointment into a ticket on the wait/serve screen with a few clicks right from the appointments book.

Enabling Appointments as Tickets

  1. On SuperSalon, go to Setup > Software Settings > Sales > Tickets & Sales. Scroll down and enable the following settings:
  • Show Appointment Time on Wait Screen
  • Allow Appointments As Call Aheads
  1. Save the settings page and press the f5 key on the keyboard.

Moving an Existing Appointment to the Wait/Serve Screen

  1. From the Wait/Serve screen, click the Show Appointments button in the menu on the bottom of the screen.
  1. Click on the appointment you'd like to move to the wait/serve screen, which will immediately create a ticket copy of the standing appointment.
The appointment will retain it's originally scheduled time slot, and function just like a call ahead ticket.
  1. Appointments will be denoted with a purple ticket header on the wait serve/screen, as described in the legend in the bottom left corner of the wait/serve screen. From here they can be marked as here or late, moved to servicing, or canceled if necessary - just like a call ahead.

Wait/Serve Quick View

  1. On the Appointments tab, you can click the Wait/Serve button in the menu at the bottom of the screen to get a quick view of the current tickets on the wait/serve screen.
  1. From here you can manipulate the tickets in waiting or servicing, just like from the Wait/Serve screen.

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