Adding a New Customer

Updated 1 year ago by Kory Lamme

Creating a new customer profile can be accomplished in two ways. The first, and most common method, is via the new ticket process when a new client arrives to the location. The user will be prompted to create the new customer profile during the ticket entry phase. The second method is to create their profile manually by following the steps listed here.

Manually Adding a New Customer

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, enter the Manager menu.
  1. In the Manager menu, click or tap on the "Customers" submenu.
  1. Click or tap on the "Add Customer" button.
  1. A blank customer profile will then appear. Fill in all of the information that is required by the individual franchise or location.
  1. Click or tap on the "Save" button located in the lower right to save the client to the customer database.

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