Adding Service Sub Items to iOffice

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Sub Items can best be defined as potential additional costs that may or may not be attached to certain services during or after servicing. An example of this could be an extra charge for longer hair. Sub Items will appear during the ticket creation process and at check out, as an option for an additional charge.

Sub Items Menu Breakdown

Sub Items Setup

This section of the interface displays all currently recognized Sub Items used for services in SuperSalon. They are arranged by the following four criteria:

  • Name
  • Description
  • Completion Time
  • Default Price

Sub Items can be deleted from this roster by using the red circular icon on the far right. Existing Sub Items can also be edited directly from their roster by clicking on the fields, and changing the values.

You can press the Done button any time to exit the sub item menu and go back to the service menu.

Adding a New Sub Item to iOffice

  1. From anywhere on iOffice, click the Manager tab and then the Services menu within. Select the store at which you are creating a new sub item.
  1. Click the Sub Item button at the top of the screen, and then click the Add button.
  1. Fill out the basic details of the sub item, completion time, price at check out, and then click the save button.
The completion time and default price fields will contribute to production and servicing times, respectively.

Editing Existing Sub Items

You can edit sub item at any time by simply clicking on the part you'd like to make a change to, and then clicking the OK button once you've made the needed adjustment.

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