Video Menu Board

Updated 2 months ago by Aaron Gipson

Salon business owners who utilize SuperSalon for their management system have several branding tools at their disposal, but few are more effective than the Video Menu Board. This enhancement module enables salons to project their waiting list and other information onto a video screen, along with other content to help keep waiting clients occupied.

Video Menu Board: At a Glance

Summary of Benefits:

  • Provides salon clients with a waiting list that's kept up-to-date in real time.
  • Is capable of streaming other content such as RSS feeds and more.
  • Provides a sense of modernity for the salon, and allows for several branding opportunities.
  • Different packages to meet the needs of all business models.


  • Broadband Internet connection (High-speed)
  • SuperSalon POS 5.6.x

Resources Provided:

  • Screen and streaming device to be used for the feature
  • Setup and maintenance by SuperSalon Support

Cost and Setup:

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