Adding New Services

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New Services can be entered into SuperSalon as quickly and easily as any other important piece of data. Management of services that are added takes place within the Services submenu, and all edits can take place from the submenu as well, after the new service has been created. The steps shown here reflect a new service being created with all possible options. By default, only "Service Code", "Description", and "Price" are mandatory for the system.

To Add a New Service

  1. From anywhere in the SuperSalon POS, enter the Manager menu.
  1. Enter the Services submenu by clicking or tapping on its entry in the alphabetical list on the left.
  1. Click or tap on the "Add Service" button located in the upper button array.
  1. Enter the unique "Service Code" into the first text field. These should always be unique from Product Codes, as a database conflict can result from duplicates.
  2. Enter the "Description" of the service into the given text field, and this should know the name of the service and any other descriptive information.
  1. Using the "Category" drop-down menu, select the correct Service Category this new Service will be associated with.
  2. With the "Max # of Discounts" drop-down menu, set the maximum number of discounts that can be used in the purchase of this Service.
  1. Enter the price in dollars that will be charged to clients for this Service in the "Price $" text field.
  1. Use the "Use Minimum Price" and "Variable Priced" checkboxes if either of these options are desirable.
  1. If the user would like for this Service to appear in the Service menu of the New Ticket screen, the "Available for Preselect?" drop-down should be set to "Yes".
  1. Enter the average time it takes to complete this service, in minutes, into the "Estimated time to Complete" text field. This will be used by the Wait Time Calculator to estimate wait time for walk and call ahead customers.
Custom times for specific employees override the service time listed in the Service profile.
  1. If applicable, enter the amount of employee points which are accrued with each sale of this Service into the "Employee Points" text field.
  1. Determine whether or not there will be a service gap associated with this Service. This is used to track time for reporting purposes, and employee monitoring. If a service gap is to be included, check the "Has Service Gap" checkbox, and configure the start and duration time in minutes in the next two text fields.
  1. If the location utilizes a customer point system where points are assigned to certain services, and then redeemed for a free or discounted service, enter the numeric value of points accrued in the "# Points to credit" text field.
  1. Enter the amount of points needed in order to receive the free or discounted service into the "# Points to redeem" text field.
  1. Using the "Discount to use when redeeming service" drop-down menu, assign the correct discount clients will receive when redeeming their customer points.
  1. Any additional estimated costs that are associated with this service should be entered in dollar amounts into the "Additional Costs" section of text fields.
  1. If this service includes any additional ones, check the "Includes Extra Service?" Box, and enter the dollar amount into the text field below it.
  1. If a substantial amount or percent of this Service is considered overhead, enter the amount or percent in numerical value to the "Non Commissionable Shop Charge" section of the profile.
  1. For this Service to show up in the SuperSalon kiosk, the user should select "Yes" in the "Show on Kiosk" drop-down menu, and enter the description as it will be displayed.
  1. To have the Service appear in the SalonCheckin website for the location, "Yes" should be selected in the "Show in SCI" drop-down menu.
  1. For the Service to be a selectable option in the salons Mobile App, "Yes" should be selected in the "Show in App" drop-down menu.
  1. If the Service is to carry a tax in the same way as a Product, "Yes" should be selected in the "Taxable" drop-down menu.
  1. Any additional taxes to be assigned to this Service should be added via the "Additional Tax" button. Additional taxes can be created in the Setup > Software Settings > Sales > Taxes > Current Taxes > Add Tax interface.
  1. If additional taxes have been added, their behavior can be determined via the "Additional Tax Behavior" button where the tax can be assigned to either add to the total, or replace it altogether.
  1. If this Service requires an additional resource such as a special table, or room, the resource can be assigned via the "Requires a Resource" drop-down menu.
  1. Assign the Discounts that will be valid with this Service by individually clicking or tapping on them in this list, and using the CTRL key on the keyboard to select multiple ones.
  1. Review that all information entered is accurate.
  1. Click or tap on the "Save Service" button to save the new Service into SuperSalon. It will then be available in the Services submenu for future edits.

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