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Although the messaging system in iOffice looks and behaves much like the one in the SuperSalon POS, it has more expanded capabilities, and the ability to send out a mass message to multiple locations at once.

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iOffice Messaging Platform Overview

Located in the Setup tab of iOffice, the Messaging system interface much like any other HTML-based email program users may be familiar with, such as Gmail.

  • Inbox: The default view upon entering the interface, this is where all messages that have not yet been deleted make their home.
  • Sent: This view shows all messages that have been sent from the iOffice messaging platform.
  • New Message: Clicking or tapping on this link will populate an empty form for users to construct their message.
  • Delete Selected: Clicking or tapping on the box located in the far left of every message, and then selecting this button will delete that message from the system.
  • Help: Clicking or tapping on this will populate some quick tips on how to best use the message system.

Sending a Message

  1. From anywhere on iOffice, select the Tools tab in the overhead toolbar, and then select the Messages sub-menu within. This will bring you to your inbox.
  1. Click the New Message button in the Messages menu, and type your name into the From field on the message.
  1. Click the green plus mark next to the Recipients to add them to the "To" list. These will generally take the form of entire salons. By contrast, clicking or tapping on the "Positions" will add everyone in the organization currently at that time clock position to the message, regardless of location.
  1. Enter the appropriate subject in the text field of the same name, and write the message you planned on sending to the recipients in the body.
  1. If this message should be read by all staff members prior to their clocking in for the day, click the Required Reading button to assign it that status.
  1. Review the message for any mistakes or needed edits, and click the Send Message button when you're sure.

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