Multi Ticket Sales

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SuperSalon allows users to attach as many tickets together as they like during the sales process. This is useful for families, groups, or events. Like discount attachment, assigning multi-tickets generally takes place at the checkout screen.

Creating a Multi Ticket

  1. To turn two or more stand alone tickets into a multi ticket, you'll first need all of them to be ready for check out, and on the servicing side of the wait/serve screen.
  1. Click the green arrow on the parent ticket you will be using for this multi-ticket, to which the other tickets will be attached. This will send the parent ticket to checkout.
  1. In check out, click the add ticket button in the ticket menu at the bottom of the screen.
  1. Carefully choose the tickets you will be attaching, highlighting each one that should be included in the multi-ticket. Click the done button at the bottom of the window once you've got everybody selected.

  1. You'll see that the body of the ticket now shows each ticket that's part of the multi-ticket, where you can easily edit or remove any tickets that are attached.
  1. When the ticket is finalized and all necessary adjustments have been completed, you can send the ticket to the payment screen by clicking the send to payment button in the bottom right hand corner of the check out screen.
  1. From this point forward in the payment process, a multi-ticket will be no different than any other sales ticket in SuperSalon. One or more payment types are permitted, so long as they reach the required sales total at the end of the transaction.

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