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Quick breakdown of net performance and other metrics for the salon.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Select the store(s) that will be be used for the report.
  • Select Date: Select the date or range of dates to run the report for.
  • Sort By: The two drop-down menus shown here allow the user to sort by ascending or descending order, the following metrics-
    • Name
    • Net Services
    • Net Products
    • Total Net
    • Net Gift Certificates (Sold)
    • Discounts
    • Production Hours
    • Services/Hour
    • Products/Hour
  • Generate Report: Click here to generate the report.

Metrics Tracked

  • Store Name: The name(s) of the store(s).
  • Net Services: The net dollar value of all services sold.
  • Net Products: The net dollar value of all retail products sold.
  • Total Net: The total net sales, products and services.
  • Net Gift Certificates (Sold): The dollar value of all gift certificates sold.
  • Discounts: The amount in discounts applied to sales.
  • Production Hours: The total number of production hours.
  • Services/Hour: The average dollar amount per hour of services sold.
  • Products/Hour: The average dollar amount per hour of products sold.

Report Calculations

  • Services/Hour: Net Services divided by Production Hours
  • Products/Hour: Net Products divided by Production Hours

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