Appointment Audit

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Location: Reports > Audit > Appointment Audit

This report tracks all changes to standing appointments in SuperSalon's Appointment Book. Users are given several filters in which to narrow the data down by date and/or staff member responsible for the change.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Select the store that will be be used for the report.
  • Status: Shows the current status of the appointment as either Confirmed, Unconfirmed, Canceled, or Completed.
  • Employee: Filter the report's data based on a single employee.
  • Stylist: Arranges the report data by stylist.
  • Creator: Arranges the report data by who created the original appointment.
  • Updater: Arranges the data based on who altered the given appointment.
  • Customer: Entering a customer name into this text field will filter the results based on that single client.
  • Select Date: Select the date or range of dates to run the report for.
  • Generate Report: Click here to generate the report.

Metrics Tracked

  • Customer Name: Name of the client whose appointment was changed.
  • Stylist: Identifies the stylist who was to perform the service in the appointment.
  • Status: The current status of the appointment as either Unconfirmed, Confirmed, Canceled, or Completed.
  • Created By: Displays who created the original appointment originally.
  • Created On: Date and time when the original appointment was created.
  • Updated By: Identifies who made the change to the appointment.
  • Updated On: Displays the date and time when the appointment was altered.

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