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The SVS system is one of the most widely used on the planet, and is always the first recommendation for our clients’ integrated gift card solution. Its security, reliability, and ease of use have made them one of our longest held partnerships.

Support for SVS has been coded into SuperSalon since its earliest versions and, with over a decade of experience with this platform, our Support department is extremely well prepared to assist you with it.

The purpose of this topic is to assist new and advanced users in the basic functions of this payment platform and to serve as a quick guide when needed.

Setting Up SVS in SuperSalon

  1. Starting in the Setup menu, and then the Payment Methods submenu, the user will then select Create New Payment Method.
  1. The first field corresponds to the salon’s unique code for SVS Gift Cards.
  1. Select “SVS Gift Card” from the Type dropdown.
  1. The Description should be a simple one to clearly show the method to be for SVS Gift Cards.
  1. Save the SVS Payment Method into the system. After creating the Payment Method, the user can then take the information given to them from their merchant provider’s tear sheet, and plug that into SuperSalon. This data can be input directly into the POS or iOffice, with a Standard Upload from the salon’s POS.
  1. Shown below is the SVS Integration Setup screen as seen in the 5.8+ versions of the SuperSalon software. It is here where the user then enters the appropriate information, according to the tear sheet.

Issuing SVS Gift Cards

  1. From the Wait / Serve screen (or other default view of the Sales tab), begin a Quick Sale or New Ticket and progress it through to the first Checkout screen (shown below). Click on the “Gift” button, highlighted in green below.
  1. Select the gift option that corresponds to the SVS functionality, like the example highlighted in green below.
  1. After taking a fresh SVS card from the salon’s assigned supply, the user may then swipe it through the attached card scanner, scan the card’s barcode, or manually key in the card number (the sequence will always start with “6006”), after the following prompt appears. When the encrypted number appears as dots, type in the amount for which the card will be initially set and click “Process”.
  1. SuperSalon will then ask you to confirm the action with the blue text prompt, also showing the amount again. Clicking on “Confirm” (highlighted in green) will send the data to SVS, establish the card in their system and attach the amount to the ticket. The user can then send it to payment and ring it out as with any product or service.

Redeeming SVS Gift Cards

  1. Create the ticket in whatever method is most appropriate. For our example below, we used a New Ticket. Take the ticket through the Checkout process as normal and, in the final settlement screen, choose “SVS Gift Card” as shown below.
  1. A prompt will then appear that will be similar to the one detailed in the previous section. As before, the user may swipe the card into the attached reader, scan the barcode or manually key the card number into the text field. The amount will have already auto-populated in the lower field. Click “Process” (highlighted in green) to continue to the next step.
  1. As with the issuance of the card, SuperSalon will now ask to confirm the operation by clicking the button highlighted in red below. The charge will then go to SVS and become attached to the ticket as a payment that can then be finalized normally.

Using the Card Terminal to Check SVS Balances

  1. Enter the Card Terminal sub-menu located in the Manager menu.
  1. Click or tap on the "Balance" button located in the upper array.
  1. Either manually, or with a card reader, enter the required information into the text fields.
  1. Confirm that all information is correct, then click or tap on the "Process Transaction" button to check the balance.

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