Time Clock Mini Reports

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The Time Clock screen allows users to print three mini reports from the receipt printer. The "Reports" button in the bottom array gives access to all three, and they are often mandatory in some locations. This topic will contain a breakdown of all three.

Mini Production Report

This quick report gauges employee servicing and sales performance for the given day. It is a more condensed version of the greater production report located in the Reports tab, and includes:

  • A Sales Summary showing all Product, Service, and Request revenue brought in for the day.
  • An average of sales performance per hour.
  • Amount of customers and haircuts performed.
  • A summary of pay period performance.

Mini-Itemized Report

This mini report displays a concise breakdown of all commission and revenue performance for the employee, for that given day, and includes:

  • Total Services Sold
  • Total Service Commission
  • Total Products Sold
  • Total Product Commission
  • Total Amount of Refunds
  • Total Amount of Tips
  • Breakdown of Production and Nonproduction Hours

Mini Time Clock Report

When generated, The Mini Timecard report provides a list of clock in and outs for the requested employee during the requested pay period. Each day of the pay period is listed along with any associated clock in and outs. At the bottom of each employee listing is their total production and Non-Production hours.

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