Permission Groups

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Permission Groups comprise the level of security access given to a user, and are generally based on role. Creating and working with Permission Groups help keep sensitive areas of the POS out of reach for non-authorized users.

Creating a New Permission Group

  1. Creating a new Permission Group is a very easy process, and is done by a using the "Create Permission Group" button located in the upper left of the Permissions submenu.
  1. After the button is selected, a text field will appear, prompting the user to give the new permission group a unique name.
  1. With a name selected and entered, clicking the "Continue" button will take the user back to the Permissions submenu where the new group will be listed in the left-hand column.

Adding a Permission Group to an Employee

  1. Navigate to the Manager menu > Employees submenu, and select the individual employee.
  1. Click or tap on the "Permission Group" button located in the lower left corner of their employee profile.
  1. This will display a selection of all of the currently configured permission groups in SuperSalon. Clicking on the desired one will assign it to the employee, and clicking "Save" will lock it into place.

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