Creating a New Discount

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Adding a new discount to the SuperSalon POS is just as easy as all the other content entry tasks. For a comprehensive breakdown of each facet of SuperSalon's Discount feature, see also the topic on Discount Profiles where this and all included terminology are explained.

Adding a New Discount to SuperSalon

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, select the Manager menu.
  1. In here, click or tap on the "Discounts" submenu.
  1. Click or tap on the "Add New Discount" button.
  1. Enter the unique Discount Code. This code can be any alphanumeric sequence, though we recommend using numeric codes only to reduce confusion.
  2. Enter the name that will be used for the Discount. This will be used as a short version of the description. For example, if the Description is "Student Discount 5:00 Off", the Name might be simply "Student Discount".
  1. Enter the full description for the Discount.
  1. The "Apply Discount to Sale Commission" option allows user to determine how the Discount will affect the commission paid out to the staff member.
  1. The "Discount Valid From/Through" fields are where the beginning and end dates are entered to determine the length of time the Discount will be valid. If left blank, it will never expire.
  1. The "Free Service/Bounce Back" text fields are optional, and for reporting purposes. When users see "Free Service" or "Bounce Back Discounts" on reports, it means a discount with one of these settings activated was used. "Bounce back" typically refers to coupons given to customers at the salon, offering a discount on a return service.
  1. The "House Sale Only/Requires Override" check boxes signify whether this discount can only be applied via a noncommissioned house sale, or if it requires a managers override for application.
  2. For locations that utilize customer points, the "Do not earn points if discount is applied:" check box can be filled in to prevent points from being applied to sales with this discount.
  1. When first entering the Discount submenu, the default view is that of the "General" button. Click or tap the "Discount Mode" button to move to this next section of the Discount profile.
  1. The "Discount Value" text fields is where the amount of the discount is configured. The amount in either percentage or dollar value will be subtracted from the regular price. If this field is set to "0", users will be asked to enter the amount during the sale, giving it a variable value.
  1. The "Applies To" section of the profile determines where the discount value is subtracted from. Selecting "Line" will result in the discount being applied to any item selected. In contrast, the "Subtotal" option will apply the discount to the entire ticket.
  1. The Discount value will be applied as either a percentage, or a dollar value, depending on how the "Type" option is configured.
  1. The "Discounts to Retail Price" option, when selected, will result in the retail price being discounted by the value entered into the field.
  1. Select the Services this discount will apply to by using the "Apply to Services" list. Individual services can be applied by clicking or tapping on them, with multiple ones able to be selected with the Ctrl key. "All" or "None" can be selected in this field as well.
  1. Repeat the same process in the "Apply to Products" section to select which products will be eligible for the discount being created.
  1. Select which "Customer Type" the discount will apply to, using the same method as the previous two steps.
Customer types are a discount restriction tool. They can be used to restrict or allow discounts that can be applied to products or services based on customer type, as assigned in a customer's profile.
  1. Save the Discount into SuperSalon by clicking or tapping on the "Save" button located at the top array.

Adding New Barcode Discounts to SuperSalon

  1. From the Manager screen, enter the Discounts submenu.
  1. Select a Discount to edit. In this example we’re editing ‘Discount Coupon’.
  1. Select the Discount Code field and enter the Bar-code. Select Save, and repeat as necessary.
The entire bar code number should be entered into the code field of the Discount. (810295001169 in this example). A quick way to enter the bar code number into the Discount Code field is to click in the field with your mouse, then scan the bar-code label with the bar-code scanner.

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