Editing Timecards

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With busy salons, it’s not uncommon for employees to forget to clock in or out. Fortunately, SuperSalon’s point of sale allows you to edit timecards to ensure accurate payroll and employee hours.

Edit an Employee Time Card

  1. From anywhere in SuperSalon, navigate to the Timecard report located in Reports > Payroll > Timecard.
  1. Select the correct filters, then click or tap on "Generate Report".
  1. Click the blue link that corresponds to the date of the employee's missing punch. That will then take the user to the interface shown below where almost any edit or addition can be made to an employee's timecard.
  1. To correct this employees missing punch for the day, click the "Edit" button at the end of the "IN" or "OUT" rows in the upper section of the interface. For an employee who forgot to both clock in AND out, it is also possible to correct that from here. Clicking the "Edit" button will take the user to a text field where they can input the correct date.
  1. Clicking "Save" afterwards will lock the changes into SuperSalon, and the Timecard report will then show no alerts in the form of red lines.

Video Tutorial: Editing Time Cards

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