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ADP Tip Cards are a new and convenient way for salon staff to receive their daily tips by way of a secure Visa card. These cards function in the exact same way as any other debit card, and are accepted at any business or ATM. Integration of this feature into SuperSalon has been a gradual process, but is now a full feature in 5.9.7 and newer versions.

This topic will answer the most frequently asked questions about it this feature, and setup information is coming soon. All information shown here is subject to change with new policies and procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are ADP Tip Cards?

These secure Visa debit cards are provided by ADP, a nationally renowned payroll company. Salon staff members who carry one will have their tips added to them automatically.

How often does the system sync and add recent tips to an employee's card?

Staff members will have their tips sent from the SuperSalon point-of-sale to the card once every hour.

Why use them? What are the benefits?

As it stands, there are three options for employee tips: taking them from the drawer after every transaction, taking them from the drawer at the end of the workday, or having them included in their paychecks.

ADP Tip Cards simplifies this, and provides a hassle free balance between convenience for staff members as well as security for business owners.

Are ALL tips going to go on the card? What about cash tips?

Only tips earned from credit card transactions are applied to the tip card. Any tips made in cash should be distributed as cash and will not go on your tip card.

How soon after a transaction is complete will I see the tip on the card?

Tips are processed and applied to cards every hour. Transactions occurring within 30 minutes of an upload will not be applied until the next scheduled upload occurs.

What if a transaction is voided? What happens to the tip?

If a transaction is voided prior to the tip being applied to the card, then nothing happens, and the tip never ends up on the card. If a transaction is voided AFTER the tip has been applied to the card, the salon owner will need to log into the ADP portal and remove the tip amount.

How can staff check the balance on their card?

Card balances can be check online or through the ADP Mobile Solutions App.

Can salon staff withdraw cash from an ATM with the ADP Tip Card?

Yes, staff can use their cards to make cash withdrawals from ATMs. Any fees charged by the ATM for using the card will be debited from the cardholder's account.

Are there overdraft penalty fees associated with using the card?

You are not allowed to exceed your available balance so there are no overdraft penalty fees.

How does the card change tip reporting for tax purposes?

The ADP Tips program does not change tax rates or reporting in any way. Tips collected are calculated in SuperSalon and reported in the same way they are prior to using this program.

Who do I call if I have a question about my card balance?

Card balances can be check online or through the ADP Mobile Solutions app. If there is a question    about a balance, call the phone number on the back of the card which will connect you to ADP for customer service.

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