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A resource can be any non-saleable item that is used to perform a service, and is used for keeping track of these types of items. Resources can also be helpful for making service selection easier at a salon or school with dozens (or more) employees or students.

Examples of resources might include a massage room for a massage, a tanning bed for a tan, or a wash tub for foot baths.

Using SuperSalon Resources

Managing Resource Categories and Resources

In SuperSalon or iOffice, navigate to Manager -> Services -> Resources.
Resource Categories
  1. Click Manage Resource Categories to add a new resource category, or remove an existing one.
    1. Add a new resource category by entering a name for it, and clicking the add category button.
    2. Remove an existing resource category by clicking the remove button next to it in the Currently Active Resource Categories list.
  1. Click Manage Resources to add new resources, or remove an existing one.
    1. Add a new resource by entering a name for it, choosing a resource category, and clicking the add resource button.
    2. Remove an existing resource by clicking the remove button next to it in the Currently Configured Resources list.

Assigning a Resource to a Service

Any service in SuperSalon can have a resource assigned to it. If a service requires a specific non-saleable resource, follow the steps below to assign one to a service.
  1. Go to Manager -> Services, and select the service you want to assign a resource to.
  2. In the bottom half of the Edit Service page, look for the Requires Resource header.
  3. Choose any currently configured resource category that the service requires from the provided drop down menu.
  4. Scroll back up to the top of the page, and click Save Service.

Resource View

Resource view is an excellent tool for a salon or school that has dozens of stylists or students to select from while booking an appointment. It allows appointment selection to be based off of resources that have been created, rather than who is scheduled for a given shift.

When using resource view, a resource and time slot are selected earlier in the process than the standard/main appointment view. The servicing employee or student is chosen after a service is selected during appointment creation.

Software Settings

Location: Setup -> Software Settings -> System -> Appointments

Manually Assign Resources

To manually assign a resource to an appointment, one first must be created and assigned to a service via Manager -> Services. If a service with no resources is selected for an appointment, there will be no option to assign a resource!

When making an appointment you can manually assign resources to your customers or have SuperSalon assign your resources for you. To manually assign your resources enable this line. (To set up resources select the Manager tab → Resources).

Default Screen Main or Resource view

Select your default appointment screen. Choose from either the default appointment screen or switch to Resource view as your default screen.

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