Owner Password

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The "Owner" password in SuperSalon provides unrestricted access to every section of the POS and its features.

This submenu allows business owners to establish, recover, or change their password.The assistance of SuperSalon Technical Support is needed for all three scenarios, and confirmation of status as an account holder is also required. The Owner password is case sensitive.

Owner Password Submenu Breakdown

  • First Time Setup: When SuperSalon is first installed, it only has the limited capabilities of a demo version of the program. Establishing the Owner password the first time also acts as the registration function.
  • Recover Password: Lost or forgotten passwords can be reestablished by following the instructions on the interface, and clicking the "Recover Password" button on the bottom left.
  • Change Password: This function is present for instances where an Owner password needs to be changed, and the button on the lower right labeled "Change Password" will be employed at the behest of ProPoint Solutions Technical Support.

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