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Voiding Tickets

Ticket voids can be performed for several reasons, and are generally tasks assigned to management staff. The acceptable reasons for ticket voids can be entered into the software settings via Setup Menu > Software Settings > Sales > Void Reasons.

Sometimes a ticket may need a change made to it, rather than to be completely voided.

Video Overview: Voiding Unsettled Tickets

Voiding Tickets From The Sales Tab

Step One: On the Wait/Serve screen, click the red cancel sign on the ticket you want to void.

Step Two: Select a void reason that best describes why the ticket is being voided. Void reasons can be added and removed as needed through Setup > Software Settings > Sales > Void Reasons.

Step Three: You will know the ticket has been voided successfully when it disappears off of the wait/serve screen, and a ticket voided successfully notification appears on the screen.


Limitations can be put on who can void tickets using the permission system. Learn more about permissions in SuperSalon.

Video Overview: Voiding Settled Tickets


CAUTION: Be careful not to inadvertently void a credit payment! Check with your manager or the business owner if you are unsure.

Step One: Tickets can be voided in Search Sales before or after they have been completed, by clicking the Void Ticket button and selecting a Void Reason.

Step Two: You’ll know the ticket was properly voided when you see the ticket voided successfully message appear, and the ticket’s status changes to Voided in the status column in the Search Sales menu.

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