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The Edit Multiple Screen

Users of SuperSalon have several options available to them when it comes to managing their retail products. In addition to the Inventory Manager, the Products submenu located in the Manager menu also has the Edit Multiple screen.

This interface enables users to perform almost all tasks available in the Inventory Manager, as well as establish important metrics such as par and alert levels.

Overview of Edit Multiple Screen

On the right is the Edit Multiple interface that is located in Manager > Products submenu. Users can access this screen from the Products submenu by clicking or tapping on the “Edit Multiple” button located in the upper array.

The buttons that run horizontally in the upper part of this interface give users access to its various functions which can be summarized as:

  • Auto Set Min Days/Max Days: This section of the interface allows users to establish both the minimum and maximum amount of days they would like for a product to be on hand prior to having to order again.
  • Auto Set Min/Max: This section contains drop-down menus that correspond to the dates users would like to establish as their minimum and maximum time periods.
  • Edit Products: Users are able to directly edit several aspects of their retail products using a spreadsheet like format that puts all Of Them in Plain View.
  • Receive Order: This section allows users to receive products using a format similar to a spreadsheet.
  • Adjust Count: This performs the same function as the Inventory Manager’s count adjustment feature, but enables users to perform the task using a spreadsheet format.
  • Return to Product List: Clicking or tapping on this button will return the user to the greater Products submenu.
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