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Tax Exemption Sales

Some locations may have programs unique to their area to allow clients to be exempt from any sales taxes on products or services. Setting these tax exemptions up in SuperSalon is quite easy. How tax exemptions are processed in ticket sales, with step-by-step instructions, will be the focus of this topic.

Processing a Tax Exempt Sale

Step One: By either New or Quick Sale ticket, bring a sale to the Checkout screen with a taxable item, as shown below. The tax amount is highlighted for visual reference.

Step Two: Click or tap on the “Edit Ticket” button in the upper right-hand corner of the interface.

Step Three: In the “Edit Ticket” pop up, click or tap on the “Replace Tax” button.

Step Four: Select the correct replacement tax that corresponds with an exemption, then click or tap on the “Done” button.

Step Five: When done correctly, the tax amount should be all zeros, as shown below.

Step Six: Lastly, check that all is correct, and ring out the sale as normal with the “Send to Payment” button.

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