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Services Submenu Breakdown

Located in the Manager menu, the Services submenu is where a location’s offered services are listed and managed. The following is a breakdown of the general view of the interface, as it appears in all current versions of the SuperSalon POS.

Upper Button Array

  • Add Service: Using this button will populate an empty Service profile, allowing the user to enter all the appropriate information needed to add a new service to SuperSalon.
  • Service Category: This button takes the user to the Service Category interface where new categories can be added, and current ones can be viewed and edited.
  • Sub Items: The “Sub Items” interface is reached via this button, and is where additional items to be added to services can be added and configured.
  • Series Sales: Locations that utilize series sales can add them to the system and configure them via the interface that populates after using this button.
  • Resources: Salon resources such as special tables, rooms, and other amenities can be managed and configured via the interface that populates with this button.
  • Price Groups: Using this button will take the user to the interface needed to consolidate pricing into specific groups, and manage the lists accordingly.

Search Services

Text entered into the “Search input:” field will help narrow down the search for specific salon Services. Results will auto populate as they are typed into the field.

Currently Active Services

This section of the Services submenu displays a roster of all services that are currently offered by the location. They are set up and standard row and column format, and clicking or tapping on the individual Service will populate its profile page.

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