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Series Sales

Allows a salon to run a whole sale on a service under a set price. Customers purchase a number of services in advance, under the pretense of paying a lower price for the bundle.

SuperSalon will automatically recognize that a customer has a series sale, and ask if a special series sale discount should be applied at check out. It will only ask to apply the discount while the customer still has services left in their series sale. Once they use them all up, it will no longer offer to apply the discount and the customer can purchase a new series sale.

Creating A Series Sale

Step One: From anywhere on SuperSalon or iOffice, go to Manager > Services and select the store at which you’d like to create a series sale.

Step Two: Click Series Sales at the top of the screen, and then click the Add Series Sale button.

Step Three: Enter a name and code for the series sale you are creating.

Step Four: Select the service designated to the series sale, and then input how many service should be included.


You can also configure a series sale to expire after a set number of days on the set up screen.

Step Five: Decide how many of the services are free in terms of the total cost of the series sale. Changing the free value will also adjust the price automatically.

Step Six: iOffice will give you a recommendation for a price based on how many services you entered, as well as how many you chose to enter as free. You can use the suggestion, or input any price you think is best.

Step Seven: Quickly review the series sale to make sure it’s exactly how you want it, and click the Save button.

Selling a Series Sales

Step One: For a customer to purchase and start taking advantage of a series sale, the initial sales ticket will need to be ready for the checkout process. Click the green arrow on the customer’s ticket when it’s on the wait/serve screen to send it to checkout.

Step Two: Once the ticket is in check out, click the Series Sales button and select the series sale that the customer would like to purchase.

Step Three: When the ticket is finalized and all necessary adjustments have been completed, you can send the ticket to the payment screen by clicking the send to payment button in the bottom right hand corner of the check out screen.

Step Four: On the payment screen, use the on screen keypad or the keyboard to enter the payment amount, and select the payment method being used.


Multiple payment methods can be accepted on one ticket in SuperSalon.

Step Five: Click the ring out button to finalize the payment, and assign any designated tips to the servicing employee.

Step Six: Click the Complete Sale button, which will redirect you to the wait/serve screen indicating that the sale has been completed.


Think of a series sale as selling a service and/or product in bulk. A customer pays for everything up front, after which they can come back to reap the benefits whenever they like. SuperSalon will automatically keep track of the number of items left in the series sale. Once all of the items in the series sale have been used up, the customer can purchase another series sale.

Redeeming a Series Sale


Customers who have a series sale attached to their account will automatically be recognized by SuperSalon during the check out process, so long as it has the correct service(s) added to the ticket.

Step One: When the customer is ready, click the green arrow on the ticket to start the checkout process.

Step Two: The ticket needs to have the appropriate service in the series sale for SuperSalon to see that it’s part of an already-purchased series sale. The service can be added before or during checkout, and you will be notified that the service can be redeemed as part of a series sale as seen in the image below.

Step Three: Click yes if the customer wants to use one of the services in their series sale. Attach any other products and services that were purchased, and send the ticket to the payment screen. Click close to stop the series sale discount from being applied.


Send the ticket back to servicing, and then back to check out to get the redemption option again if you clicked close on accident.

Step Four: If the ticket only contains the series sale service, ring the ticket out and send the customer on their way! Any additional products and services must be paid for, but the series sale service will automatically be discounted to 0.

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