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Scheduling Employees

Scheduling employees via SuperSalon’s Employee Scheduler ensures a quick and accurate staffing solution for business owners and managers. The Scheduler tab can be activated or deactivated in the software settings located in Setup  > System > General > Show Scheduler Tab.

Video Tutorial: Scheduling an Employee

Schedule an Employee for a Shift

Step One: From anywhere in the SuperSalon point-of-sale, click or tap on the “Scheduler” tab.

Step Two: Using the columns and rows as a guide, click or tap on the chosen time for the employee to clock in, under the column that corresponds to their name.

Step Three: In the Employee Scheduler Editor, click or tap on the “Add Sched” button located in the bottom array.

Step Four: Specify the exact time for the employee’s shift by clicking or tapping on the green arrows to move the displayed time forward or ahead in 15 minute increments.

Step Five: When the correct time has been configured, click or tap on the “Save Changes” button located in the bottom right of the Employee Schedule Editor.

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