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Refunding a Sale

Refunds through SuperSalon can be applied to both retail products and services, and are generally performed from the Checkout screen.

Video Overview: Refunding a Sale

Step One: Start either a Quick Sale or New Ticket, and move it directly to the Checkout screen.

Step Two: Click or tap the “Refund” button located at the bottom center of the left button array.

Step Three: From the bottom buttons in the “Select Item” pop up, click or tap on the button that corresponds with either a Service, Product, or drill down by Service Category and/or Product Brand.

Step Four: Click or tap on the correct Product or Service to be refunded.

Step Five: The numeric keypad that appears gives the user the opportunity to give either a full or partial amount in the refund. It automatically defaults to the full amount, and if all is correct, click or tap the “Ok” button.

Step Six: The refund will appear as a negative amount in the ticket summary on the right. If nothing else is to be added to the ticket, click or tap “Send to Payment”.

Step Seven: In the “Additional Information” pop up, use the drop-down menu to select the employee who originally made the sale that is currently being refunded.
For product refunds, and option to put the item back on the shelf will appear as a “Yes” or “No” choice in the next buttons. Click or tap on the one that is most appropriate.

Step Eight: When the correct employee, or “House Sale” is selected, and the option to return any items to the shelf is set to either Yes or No, use the “Pay Now” button to move the ticket to final settlement.

Step Nine: In the final payment screen, select the currency in which the refund will be processed. Credit cards will need to be swiped if selected as the payment method.

Step Ten: After the correct payment type is applied, use the “Ring Out” button to complete the transaction. For cash refunds, the register will open, allowing the user to give the cash to the client.

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