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Quick Sale Tickets

Quick sale tickets do not utilize the customer database, and are ideal for fast transactions such as retail product sales.

Video Overview

Running a Quick Sale Ticket

Step One: From the wait/serve screen or the appointments book, click the quick sale button in the menu in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Step Two: Select the employee who is completing the quick sale, so that any commission-able products or services on the ticket can be applied to their commission totals. This will send the quick sale to the check out screen.


Select House Sale to exclude this ticket from any employee’s commission totals, effectively selling it directly from the salon.

Adding a Product to a Quick Sale


Use a bar code reader or type a product’s code, UPC, or description in the search bar to quickly pull up a product at check out!

Step One: Click the Products button in the ticket menu on the left.

Step Two: Navigate through the product brands menu to select it, or search for the product using it’s code, description, or UPC code.

Step Three: Confirm the product you selected is correct and that the ticket is ready to be paid for, click the Send to Payment button in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Click the Edit button on a line item to adjust the number of products or services on the ticket, or remove a discount or item from the ticket entirely.

Checkout and Payment

Step One: The check out screen is the final stage before a ticket is paid for, and allows you to add products, additional services, discounts and more.

Step Two: When the ticket is finalized and all necessary adjustments have been completed, you can send the ticket to the payment screen by clicking the Send To Payment button in the bottom right hand corner of the check out screen.

Step Three: On the payment screen, use the on screen keypad or the keyboard to enter the payment amount, and select the payment method being used.


Multiple Payment Methods can be accepted on one ticket in SuperSalon.

Step Four: Click the Ring Out button to finalize the payment, and assign any designated tips to the servicing employee.

Step Five: Click the Complete Sale button, which will redirect you to the wait/serve screen indicating that the quick sale has been completed.

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