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Multi-Store Service Sales Report

Location: Reports > Multi-Store > Service Sales

Takes multiple locations, and compares their service sales performance using a simple column and row format.

Use Cases by Role

  • Salon Owner: This report can be used by salon owners to gauge the service sales performance of several locations at once.
  • Salon Manager: Knowing how their individual location is performing compared to others can help salon managers with their coaching efforts.
  • Salon Employee: Frontline salon staff such as stylists and receptionists can use this report to see how well their salon is preparing compared to others when it comes to service sales.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Clicking or tapping here will open the interface that allows the user to select the store(s) that will be be used for the report.
  • Enter Date Range: Clicking or tapping into this field will generate a calendar interface for the user to select the date range.
  • Sort by: These two drop-down menus allow users to sort the report, in ascending or descending order, by the following metrics:
    • Code (Default)
    • Description
    • Count
    • Net
  • Hide Store Details: Filling in this checkbox will eliminate the columns associated with individual salons, and instead group everything together.
  • Show Code Range: These two text boxes can be used to filter the report by individual Service Code. Note that the codes should be entered in ascending (lowest first) order.
  • Generate Report: Clicking or tapping on this button will generate the report based on the other filter criteria.

Metrics Tracked

  • Service Code: The unique code associated with the individual service provided by the salon.
  • Service: The name of the service, as shown in the “Description” text field of the Service Profile.
  • Store Results: If no check was placed in the “Hide Store Details” checkbox, each store being used for the report will have its own column representing both count and net values.
  • Count: The total numeric value of all Services sold for the given row.
  • Net: The total net dollar value of the Services rendered for each row.
  • Total Count: The total number of each Service sold for all locations being used in the report.
  • Total Net: The total net dollar value of all services performed for all locations, separated by row.
  • Total: Each column will have a grand total at the bottom row of the report.
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