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Multi-Store Discount Report

Location: Reports > Multi-Store > Discount Report

Tracks the performance of various promotional discounts across several salons, and presents it in an easy to read column and row format that can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Use Cases by Role

  • Salon Owner: This detailed report is helpful for salon owners who would like to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of their current discounts and promotions.
  • Salon Manager: Salon managers can utilize this report to research how often their team members are using discounts compared to other locations in the account.
  • Salon Employee: Stylists and other frontline salon staff can utilize this report to see how other locations in the same account are performing discount wise compared to their own.

Data Filters

  • Select Stores: Clicking or tapping here will open the interface that allows the user to select the store(s) that will be be used for the report.
  • Select Date Range: Clicking or tapping here will open the calendar interface to allow users to choose a single day, or a date range for the report data.
  • Generate Report: Clicking or tapping on this button will retrieve the report data.
  • Export CSV: Clicking or tapping on this button will allow the user to save the report as a Comma Separated Values spreadsheet. Note: Microsoft Excel or freeware equivalent is required for viewing.

Metrics Tracked

  • Store: This column of the report will list all of the salons that were selected for the given date range.
  • Service Total: The total number of services where discounts were applied during the selected dates of the report.
  • Product Total: The total amount of retail products that were sold, and had discounts applied to that sale, for the given date range.
  • Discount Columns: Each discount that was used during the given date range will have its own column represented in the report.
  • Grand Total: Totals are given for each column and row that are represented in the report.
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