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Mid Day Counts

Mid-Day counts are a good way to gauge revenue performance during the workday. Users have access to this function via the Close Out submenu, but the process is completely optional.

Video Tutorial: Performing Mid Day Counts

Performing a Mid Day Count

Step One: From anywhere in SuperSalon, click or tap on the Manager tab.

Step Two: Click or tap on the “Close Out” submenu alphabetically listed on the left.

Step Three: Use the “Open Till” button at the bottom right of the interface to open the register for the count.

Step Four: Click or tap on the “Cash” helper displayed on the left, and select the “Mid-Day Count” button.

Step Five: Enter the correct amount of individual denominations of bills in the given text fields.

Step Six: Repeat the process for each payment method helper, using receipts and printouts as a frame of reference.

Step Seven: Click or tap on the Save/Close button in the lower right of the interface, or simply hit the Enter key to save the mid-day count.

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