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Merging Customer Records

Maintaining your customer list accurately is paramount to utilizing SuperSalon’s customer history and customer retention reporting. We now have an efficient and accessible customer merge utility for salon level employees to utilize.

Use Cases

  • Merging multiple customer records for a single customer.
  • Merging an online check in customer (if they used a different phone number) with an existing customer record.
  • Merging customer records with incomplete information (multiple Mike Smith records, for example).

Merging Customer Records Step-by-Step

Step One: Create a new ticket.

Step Two: Search for a customer name with duplicate records.

Step Three: Select the Customer Merge button.

Step Four: Select the duplicate customer records you want to merge (the customers will be highlighted blue when selected) and press Next.

Step Five: Select the master customer record (the customer will be highlighted blue when selected), this is the customer record that will remain after merging, and press Next.

Step Six: Validate the master customer record is correct and update or make adjustments as needed. Hit the Save button when complete.

Step Seven: Success! Your selected customer records are now merged into the customer you selected as your master customer. Press Ok and you’re done.

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