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SuperSalon’s membership system works in tandem with the Vantiv payment platform, to enable recurring payments for businesses that offer membership programs to their frequent visitors. With a fully integrated solution, creating, managing, and selling memberships is a breeze for SuperSalon users, as well as for customers visiting the salon.

This topic will inform and enable a SuperSalon user to create, sell, and manage memberships.

Memberships: At a Glance

Summary of Benefits:

  • Customers feel like they’re getting more value by opting into a membership program
  • The check out process is a breeze for customers and salon staff alike
  • Services and products can both be part of a membership package
  • Pricing and fees can be manually configured to suit any member-based business model


  • SuperSalon POS
  • The Vantiv WorldPay credit card processing solution, and the PASS system
  • Assistance from SuperSalon technical support to complete the set up process

Creating a Membership Package

Step One: From anywhere in SuperSalon, select the Manager > Memberships submenu.

Step Two: Click the “Add Membership” button.

Step Three: Enter a code, membership package name, and applicable fees and pricing.

Step Four: Click the “Add Membership Item” button to add services and/or products to the membership package, and associate a discount that will be applied to the membership at checkout. It is recommended to create a dedicated discount that will only be used by the membership program. Click here to learn how to create a discount.

Step Five: Select the duration for how long the recurring payments should last, and if the duration is variable or not.

Step Six: Click “Done”, the membership package will now be listed under “Active Memberships” submenu.

Selling a Membership

Step One: On the check out screen, click the memberships button to see existing memberships and select one to sell.

Step Two: Follow the prompts to review the membership and price details before the sale, SuperSalon will indicate to the user that they are completing a new membership account setup. The user is also given the option to select a different customer here in case they chose the wrong one to sell the membership to initially. Click Next.

Step Three: Verify the customer information, and make any necessary changes or enter missing details – all fields are required. Click the next button to complete the setup process and apply the membership to the ticket as a sale item. Confirm the ticket contents and send it to check out.

Step Four: Complete the payment on the ticket containing the initial membership fee, if it’s configured to have one, and ring the ticket out. This step associates the membership with the customer’s profile.

Step Five: After ringing the ticket out, the user will be prompted to have the customer swipe or insert the card they would like to use for the recurring membership payment. The customer will follow the prompts on the credit card terminal, completing the membership account set up process and the initial sale.

Managing memberships

Current Members

Customers who have a membership are checked out the same way as any other. SuperSalon will recognize that they are an active member and automatically apply the membership discount that was set up in step 3 of the “Creating a membership package” section above. The setting which allows this is available via Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Memberships, and can also be toggled off for salons that prefer to manually apply the membership discount at check out.

After a membership has been sold and is now active, a SuperSalon user can access it’s details in a few ways:

  • When the customer visits the salon and has a new ticket created for them, a notification window will alert them that this customer has a membership. The current details on this member can be viewed in detail here before proceeding.
  • Membership details and history can be viewed at any time by clicking on the history tab of any customer profile.
  • The membership agreement can be printed at any time from a customer’s profile.

Updating Payment Info

If a customer needs to change the credit card associated with their membership for any reason, SuperSalon makes this easy. Simply create a new ticket for the customer and click the “Update Payment Information” button. The user will then be prompted to confirm the membership, verify customer information, and then for the member to swipe their new card and follow the prompts on the card terminal.

Late Members and Fees

If a member’s card fails to process for any reason on it’s recurring monthly payment, their membership will enter the late status. For a business model that incurs a late fee on members that become late, SuperSalon has the ability to require a late fee be paid before the membership can be reactivated. To necessitate a late fee, make sure that the membership package has a late fee configured on it via Manager > Memberships.

When a member who has become late has a ticket created for them, SuperSalon will indicate this on the membership. The salon staff can then rectify the payment issue with the customer, before allowing them to reap the benefits of the membership program again.

To process a late fee, click the “Process Late Payment” button on the membership during ticket creation. This will create a late payment ticket, adding the total payment amount the customer has fallen behind, and the late fee designated on the membership package in it’s configuration. Completing this late payment ticket will reactivate the customer’s membership, and they can once again receive member benefits.

Cancelling and Deleting Membership

A membership can be canceled during ticket creation, which allows the SuperSalon to charge a cancellation, if the membership package is configured to have one. To complete the cancellation process, click the next button to send the ticket to check out. Once the associated fees have been paid for by the customer, their membership will have a status of cancelled.

Memberships can be deleted from any status by clicking the delete button on a customer’s profile in their history tab in Manager > Customers > Select a Customer > History or any other access point for a customer’s history. Deleting a membership is the same as cancelling one, except that it can be performed at any time from any status – offering the salon an opportunity to instantly end a membership in cases where this is necessary.


To see a list of current members and membership details, go to Reports > Memberships > Membership Activity Report

Breakdown of Settings

All membership software settings are defaulted to disabled, to view and configure the available settings options, please navigate to Setup > Software Settings > Marketing > Memberships.

  • Enable Memberships – Enable membership creation and sales. This is a required setting for memberships to function.
  • Late Payment Grace Periods – Allows a membership to enter a grace period after being late on a payment.
  • Grace Period Duration – Number of days for the grace period.
  • Enable Membership Auto Discounting – If enabled, a customer who has purchased a membership will have the membership discount automatically applied at the check out screen. If disabled, the discount must be applied manually.
  • Auto Cancel Membership After X Number of Days – Number of days before a membership is automatically canceled.
  • Enable Alter Membership Late Fee – If enabled, the late fee can be adjusted manually while process a late payment.
  • Disable Process Late Payment Button – If checked, the process late payment button will be disabled.
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