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iOffice Payroll/Bonuses Overview

Designate Pay Periods, request bonuses and charges, and assign hourly payroll settings for a salon with a number of possible configurations available. Commission Plans are also created and maintained here.

General Overview

Upon first entering this sub-menu, the general view will greet the user, and give them a run down of some setup information. A breakdown of this section is as follows:

  • Payroll Mode: This drop-down determines whether the location will be using a generic payroll system, or one specifically designed for them. If users are in doubt, they should keep Generic Payroll System as the default.
  • Request Charge: Charge customers a dollar value if they requested a specific stylist.
  • Request Bonus: Offer a bonus to stylist’s who were requested by a specific customer.
  • Include request charge in service commission $: Determine whether or not to include the request charge in service commission totals.
  • Employee payroll method: This drop-down determines whether or not the sum of commission and hourly wage is calculated for payroll, or simply whichever is higher.

Timecard Setup

This section of the Payroll/Bonuses sub-menu contain all of the tools users need to determine hourly payroll needs for their location. A breakdown of this interface is as follows:

  • Overtime for Over Eight Hours/Day: If the location is in an area where overtime is to be paid daily after eight hours of work, setting this bubble to Yes will allow for it.
  • Overtime After: This text field allows users to enter the number of hours per week staff members can work before overtime pay is accrued.
  • Enable Automatic Breaks: This Yes or No selection will determine whether or not break time is automatically calculated after a preset amount of time an employee spends on the clock.
  • Automatic Break Length: If Enable Automatic Breaks is set to Yes, this text field will allow users to enter the length of time in minutes that the automatic break will last.
  • Deduct Break Time after Working: If Enable Automatic Breaks is set to Yes, this text field allows users to determine the amount of hours an employee is clocked in before the automatic break kicks in.
  • Enable Non Production Time Transfer: This Yes or No choice will determine whether or not employee hours are automatically assigned as Non Production hours for the purposes of reporting.
  • Automatic Non Prod. Time Transfer Length: This text field allows users to enter the amount of minutes to elapse before the system changes the employee hours from Non Production, back to Production.
  • Transfer Time After Working: This text field determines the amount of hours in employee is clocked in before time is automatically transferred to Non Production.
  • Enable Split Shifts: This Yes or No bubble selection will allow or disallow employees to work in split shifts.
  • Bonus Time for Split Shifts: If a location gives its staff a bonus for working split shifts, the time value in minutes can be entered into this text field.
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