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iOffice E-Royalties Administration

The E-Royalties system allows salon owners to safely and conveniently submit electronic royalty reports to the Regis Corporation.

The iOffice User Interface

After logging into iOffice, the user can click the “E-Royalties” tab located on the top menu bar. The interface is then broken down by four submenus that are available from the left side of the page, and they are listed below as follows;

  • Overview (The Default View)
  • Data Management
  • Status
  • Settings

Each submenu corresponds with a specific functionality of the E-Royalties system, and though their labels may seem self-explanatory, the following sections will map out each feature of these submenus. It is also important to know how they relate to the other features and setup options.

The Overview Page

The default view for the E-Royalties section of iOffice is the initial overview page that gives a quick numeric summary of all salons participating in the E-Royalties program, as well as their current statuses. As can be seen in the illustrated example below, this page also offers a reminder to the user of their current status and how many days (if any) they are late in making their submissions.

A link to the current E-Royalties manual is also available from this screen via the self titled link, located above the Sales Submission Reminder.

Though the information located in this section may seem to be more generalized than what may be needed by the client, each metric serves a specific purpose as explained below;

  • Salons Will Submit this Evening: The number of participating E-Royalty using salons that have all required information, and are ready to be sent to Regis, during that evening’s upload cycle.
  • Salons Submitted and Confirmed: Number of salons that, in the current reporting period, have already submitted and completed the process of their royalties for their location.
  • Salons Submitted and Pending Confirmation: These are salons that have outstanding reports that have not yet completed the confirmation process, but have been confirmed and submitted to Regis.
  • Ready to Submit Sales: All requirements for submittal have been met, and Regis is simply waiting on the owner to send it.
  • Salons Missing Data: This signifies that that there is information in the report that is either missing or unfinished. The two most common causes for this are failure to upload, or an incorrect configuration of closed days.
  • Salons Have Reported an Error: Representative of all salons that have shown errors in their reporting for the current period.

The Status Page

The Status page shows a view of the participating E-Royalties salons in a more organized format. Designed to be read like a spreadsheet, the column arrangement allows the user to quickly monitor and reference several salons at once. The illustration below also shows the color coded statuses of each salon, as it stands from the time of the report’s generation.

The four horizontal columns are broken down as follows:

  • Store: The name of the individual salon, as it appears in RSD’s operational and administrative databases.
  • Report Beginning: Will either simply display the date corresponding to current report, or it will list the date of the last unconfirmed one.
  • Status: This column shows the status of the current report, and is the first indicator of anything that might have gone wrong in the process.
  • Regis:  Will always say “Pending” until a response has been received, in which case it will switch to “Confirmed”.

The Status page will allow for four possible combinations in regards to the “Status” and “Regis” columns, and they can be broken down and explained as follows:

  • Submitted / Pending: iOffice has transferred the information correctly, but Regis has not yet responded.
  • Submitted / Confirmed: Submitted correctly from iOffice, received by Regis and they, in turn, have confirmed the correct transfer of data.
  • Ready / Pending: All information is correct, and the salon is ready to submit their royalties without any missing data. When the Submit button is clicked, it will be sent to the correct party during night processing, and the status will change to “Submitted / Pending”.
  • Incomplete / Pending: There are days in the report period with zero tickets, and they have not been marked in the “Closed Days” section of the E-Royalties interface.
  • Submitted / Error: This usually means Regis has rejected the E-Royalty. In these instances, contact ProPoint Support Department.

In addition to being a quick reference point, the Status page also allows the user to begin the submission process by clicking the “Create All Ready Stores” button, located at the top of the interface. The status will then change to “Created”, and the report will be available at the normal location in Reports > Sales > E-Royalties.  

The salon is then queued for the nightly processing where it is encrypted and sent directly to Regis via secure upload. Canceling a submission is possible by going into the History page before midnight (local time), and clicking the “Cancel” button.

The “Catch Up Process” – Please Read!!

At the initial activation and ‘Catch-Up’, using the “Create All Ready Stores” button can submit salons that do not appear ready on the list.

This is the only time this can happen, as it is the only time that more than one report is submitted at the same time. Since the status column shows the status of the oldest unconfirmed report, if there is another report ready to submit, it will not show up here.

To verify the details of each report, please check the History page.

The Data Management Page

Developed in the first quarter of 2019, the Data Management tab was put in place to enhance the user experience and make submitting eRoyalties faster and easier than ever. Combining a snapshot of current and historic eRoyalties reporting with quick access to a reporting period’s closed days, users can review and confirm all necessary sales data and submit their royalties all on one page. It can be broken down into two vital functions-

Sales Report History

Reporting periods are listed chronologically, where a user can then closely review the sales data in great detail by clicking on a given period date. An error that is unique to this interface will indicate that “store data has not uploaded for a specified period”, and it can normally be resolved with a successful upload from the salon. The reason for its appearance is that the E-Royalty system confirms data reception by getting a completed upload within the proceeding period of time. Because of this, many users prefer to perform their E-Royalty related tasks on Monday, though Sunday is the day the period technically ends. Another aspect that is unique to the History page is the ability to cancel recently generated (but not submitted) reports. This is done via the “Cancel” button that will appear to the right of the listed report.

Closed Days

By clicking the plus sign next to a given period, a user can manage each reported sales date and review and confirm any closed days – an important part in the submission process outlined by Regis. Once a day is marked as “Closed”, the user has the ability to copy that closed day to all other salons in the account by using the “Copy to All” function. This is especially useful in instances of holidays and / or other events that would result in zero sales for that salon. After all necessary days are marked as closed by selecting “Yes” in the reporting period and saved, the user can then create the report to be submitted.

The Settings Page

The Settings page, though simple in appearance, enables the user to make sweeping changes to each salon’s E-Royalty information and reporting metrics. Below is an example of this interface, along with some sample store data for better reference.

In addition to the Store Number and Data Enabled fields, there are a series of dropdown menus that can be changed and committed by clicking the “Save” button. Special attention should be paid in this screen, most notably in regards to the “Store Version” dropdown menus.

Using the “Date Enabled” is not necessary unless in instances of switching a salon’s status from “disabled” to “enabled”. This will then be the date that will be the first reported for, after the change.

While store owners can configure the specific salons that belong to them from this interface, only SysAdmins and Support have the administrative access required to attend to all locations at once.

The E-Royalties Report

To the right is an illustrated example of the E-Royalties report located at Reports > Sales > E-Royalties in the iOffice interface. The image itself represents only one individual salon’s data, but the report also has a multi store functionality built into the filters on the left of the interface.

Depending on how an owner has configured their system, the E-Royalties report will show a large amount of sales data that correspond with the given time frame. For multiple locations, the E-Royalties report can show comparisons between each store. The first column of information in this report corresponds to the individual salon(s), and the column to the right will show the totals for all stores. When in a multi-store mode, a “Total” column will also populate within the report.

Inaccuracies in reporting are usually the result of either a missed upload, or closed days not configured. Also, the user should be aware that, if a royalty rate changes mid-reporting period, the report will show a “Multi” status for the rate percentage.

E-Royalties Setup

From the Store Setup > Company Info > Royalties section of the iOffice interface, we can see our initial royalty setup metrics. You can configure store information that will populate at the top of the E-Royalties report from within Store Setup> Company Info.

This is where the initial percentage rates are established for SuperSalon to begin tallying the royalties owed with each sale processed by the system. On the left, under the “% Before” column, are the rates which correspond with the “Start Rates”. The right column, or “% After” section reflect this new rate that it will eventually be.

The E-Royalty report itself is calculated by iOffice, and is meant to be a reference guide only. Because Regis and RSD are separate entities, the calculations from iOffice are NOT what Regis uses as a reference when determining fees. Regis calculates the fee on their end, and it is based on the sales data that they are able to glean from their own system.

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